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Brief History of KFP

We are a group of students and of intellectuals belonging to the Democratic Front of Khmers Students and Intellectuals Association ( DFKSI ) based in Phnom Penh and created since January 1998 with the objective to defend the khmer interests as a whole. We long for a democratic state of Cambodia but the present situation of corruption , of injustice , of impunity culture, of abuses of all kinds producing huge sufferings to the khmer people and let poverty prevail throughout the country has stimulated most of the DFKSI members to make often gathering to first defend their interests and the interests of our compatriots such as rallies to ask for justice for khmer paysans whose lands are grapped by responsibles of the government... for voiding the treaties of 1979, 1982, 1983 and 1985 with Vietnam.

In spite of our constant efforts to draw the attention of the government on miscellaneous subjects and domains nothing has been implemented to satisfy our suggestions. On the contrary we are victims of intimidation , of menace of torture, of faulse accusation for public trouble makers, of emprisonnement...

We are thus determined to struggle for our liberty and the liberty of the khmer people by using all means to explain to different stratas of the population for a large organized union for a future upheaval in order to oust the dictators out of Cambodia. Throughout the country students, intellectuals, paysans, workers, clercs, administrators, monks and house holders have enough of their poverty and aspired for a regime change Therefore we decide to create a political party namely the "Khmer Front Party (KFP)" to compete in the 27 july elections 2003 to try to legally depose the Hun Sen and the CPP, provietnamese regime.

We pledge to maintain our objective until victory. Therefore cheating just one vote in the elections, if ever proved by the Khmer Front Party, would lead to furthur rally for result protestation.

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